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Divorce mediation can be an easier option for couples who want to get divorced. Both parties meet with a neutral and trained mediator to discuss the issues and resolve them.

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Judges usually require divorcing couples to do mediation before going to trial. However, the parties can choose mediation on their own, either before filing or anytime after that. Mediating the divorce has many advantages over litigation, such as:


  • Cost – Usually, divorce mediation is less expensive than the trial.

  • Settling a Case – Many times, mediation ends in a settlement for all the issues relating to divorce.

  • Confidentiality – Mediation is also confidential, so there’s no public record of what goes on in the sessions.

  • Freedom – Both parties are allowed to arrive at the resolution they want that’s right for their situation instead of having the solution imposed on them by a judge.

  • Advice Is Available – It’s possible to go to mediation sessions and hire 999PAdivorce.com for legal advice.

  • Control – Both parties control this process instead of the court system.

  • Communication – With the mediation process, communication is encouraged between the spouses, which can help to avoid future issues.


In a sense, divorce mediation makes the rest of the divorce easier for the lawyer. The parties involved did the work of dealing with the details, so the divorce is uncontested. They are often quicker and less expensive than litigated divorces.


This law firm wants everyone to understand that divorce mediation is highly beneficial for many couples, but it’s not suitable for everyone. Mediation might not be ideal if:

Domestic abuse is present, or either party feels for a child’s safety

If either party was a victim of domestic abuse or there is a threat of violence in the home, divorce mediation isn’t ideal. Instead, it’s best to work with 999PAdivorce.com about the options available. If there was abuse within the relationship that happened a while ago, it’s crucial to weigh the cons and pros carefully. Depending on those circumstances, the abused party might find it empowering to be on a level playing field in a mediation session. Many mediators take precautions to make sure that it happens in a safe environment. However, other abuse victims might find it too traumatic to mediate. They should turn to 999PAdivorce.com for negotiations. They focus on getting what their clients deserve.

A spouse has a history of being untrustworthy or deceitful

If one person suspects that the other party is wasting funds, hiding assets, or lying, then mediation might not be ideal. It’s almost impossible to negotiate because both spouses must be truthful and play by the rules successfully.

One spouse chooses to delay the proceedings

The mediator can’t order either party to do something, so if one party tries to delay the situation or wants to avoid paying support, this could abuse the process.

One party hired a lawyer

When one spouse chooses to hire a lawyer, it’s best for the other party to do the same. 999PAdivorce.com works solely for the client they take on. Therefore, there’s no fear about what they can do and how they might help. Though they might recommend mediation, it depends on the situation.

Seth and his staff are very nice and helpful people. They are helping me through a very difficult time in my life and I'm glad to have them on my side to represent me. I highly recommend this firm.

- Shelby M.

Seth took the extra time to fully explain to me thoroughly in detail the answers to all of the questions i had. He sensed my urgency and immediately went to the courthouse to file.

- Michael B.


The goal here is to feel comfortable, and 999PAdivorce.com ensures that their clients are satisfied. If mediation is chosen as the preferred method, it’s still possible to use their services for legal advice. With that, they want everyone to know how the process works to determine if it’s right for them.


The mediator might ask each party about background information relating to the marriage and issues. This might be through a questionnaire or a mediation statement. Both parties must agree to sign an agreement claiming that what is said here is confidential and cannot be disclosed in a court session.


Mediations often happen in an office or conference room, but they can also be done online. Sometimes, both parties are present, but the mediator might choose to break the spouses up into separate rooms for a private discussion.


If attorneys are present, the mediator may want to speak privately to them before anything happens.


Both parties have a chance to make short statements about their situation. Then, the mediator asks questions and figures out what issues each party agrees and disagrees on.


If both parties finish negotiations and resolve most or all of the divorce issues, the mediator writes an agreement with a parenting plan if applicable. The settlement agreement includes only those topics resolved at that time. 


When there are unresolved issues, a court may have to rule on them, which is where 999PAdivorce.com can help. They work with their clients to ensure that they get exactly what they want and negotiates wherever necessary.


Those living in the York, PA, area are invited to please call to set up an appointment to speak with 999PAdivorce.com. Request a free consultation to see if divorce mediation might be appropriate and go from there.