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There are several benefits to a legal separation over a divorce. Couples may spend some time apart to see if divorce is what they want while still enjoying some of the benefits that may accompany being married.

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A legal separation is an arrangement ordered by the court in which a married couple separates and spends time apart. When a couple is unsure of the condition of their marriage but wants to determine how a divorce can affect each party financially, a legal separation can be requested. Pennsylvania does not recognize legal separations.

Other issues that they may need to work through, including the custody of children, the division of property, and alimony or child support, may also be addressed during a legal separation.


Custody of Children and Visitation Rights

Parents who move out of the family home can be guaranteed regular visitations with their children through stipulations on the legal agreement. Parents can devise an appropriate schedule for visitation according to their preferences and unique circumstances. It is always important to keep in mind that the primary focus should always be the child's best interest.


When a couple faces divorce, one person typically departs from the family home. They may wish to take certain belongings with them, and this should be discussed and agreed upon when the separation agreement is being negotiated. This helps both parties avoid confusion about what may or may not be taken. In such agreements, who owns the items must be considered. If the other spouse is allowed to take such possession with them during the separation, it must be clearly stipulated in the agreement that they have been allowed to take it with them but that it does not belong to them.

Child Support and Alimony

It is important to note that alimony may not be applicable in every case of separation or divorce. Contact The Law Office of Seth Eric Springer to determine whether this applies to a specific case. During a marital separation, a separation agreement could address issues involving alimony and child support. The right of one spouse to receive maintenance or spousal support is determined by several variables considered by the court for each individual case presented. Child support is not the same as alimony and forms an obligatory part of separations and divorces. In the state of Pennsylvania, both parents are required to support their children financially.

Several aspects are covered in a separation agreement. They are property, the custody of a child or children, and child support and alimony. It is important to note that a separation agreement does not finalize the separation of property or visitation rights in the formal way that these are done in a divorce proceeding.

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According to Pennsylvania state law, a person can only be single, married, or divorced in the state of Pennsylvania. Still, there is currently no law allowing a person to be "legally separated." However, couples determined to try a separation before filing for a divorce can contact 999PAdivorce.com to have a separation agreement drawn up.


Divorce is taken seriously in Pennsylvania. Courts must be convinced that the couple is not behaving like a married couple, which could cause a significant delay in divorce proceedings.


Determining a couple's actual separation date is essential for a variety of different reasons. An example is for identifying and evaluating assets owned individually and jointly during divorce proceedings. 


When a married couple divorces in the state of Pennsylvania, it does not need to be a detachment, and a couple may be separated while still living under one roof and even in one bedroom. The most crucial aspect to consider is when the couple stopped acting like a married couple. 


In all cases, however, the date on which one spouse decides to file for a divorce is the latest date on which the court considers the couple to have separated. The most significant element is determining when a couple no longer acts as husband and wife. 


Before they can start to live apart, one spouse's motivation to dissolve the marriage must be clearly illustrated and conveyed to the other spouse. As a result, divorce can occur when one partner departs from the family home with no intention of ever returning or when a spouse expresses to the other their desire to leave the marriage.


When a married couple decides to divorce, they encounter most of the same legal problems as divorcing couples, such as splitting property, covering daily expenses, and juggling the care of children.


One way to deal with such issues in Pennsylvania is to sign an agreement, also known as a "separation agreement," with your partner. This contract is legally binding to both parties, and it outlines the specific responsibilities and rights of each party.


Drawing up such an agreement must be done by a seasoned family law attorney who can advise a spouse on their legal options and draft this legal agreement on their behalf. 999PAdivorce.com is an experienced family law firm in Pennsylvania that can advise anyone considering this option. 


Once the agreement has been drawn up, it can then be presented to the other spouse. They may either agree to all of these terms or make suggestions of their own. The terms of the agreement must be negotiated, so both parties can abide by them.


At 999PAdivorce.com, we understand that the process of divorce and separation is an emotional and sensitive one, which is why we approach each case with the respect it requires.

Our team is efficient and professional and is there to make the process as painless and bearable as possible. Contact us today for more information on how to draw up a separation agreement in the state of Pennsylvania.