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Our legal office is proud to represent the LGBT community in all aspects of divorce and family law. Unfortunately, for far too long, the rights of this group were ignored, and they were unable to marry in Pennsylvania.

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In York, PA, the divorce process for same-sex marriages is the same as it is for heterosexual and gay couples. When one of the spouses wishes to divorce, the first step is to draft same-sex divorce documents and file them in the Pennsylvania municipal court. Those who married in a common-law marriage before January 2, 2005, must also file the same paperwork.


In Pennsylvania, same-sex divorce forms can be obtained through a lawyer or online. The latter would be significantly less expensive, particularly if the lawsuit is uncontested. The more knowledge you can obtain on how to file a same-sex divorce in Pennsylvania, the better.


Divorce in York, PA, for LGBT couples can take anywhere from three months to several years, based on the case's complexity. Cases involving minor children that are contested cannot be decided quickly. A 90-day waiting period is required in uncontested cases. If one of the spouses wants to break the marriage due to infidelity, a one-year separation period needs to be followed.

The method of serving the documents on the other party has an impact on the length of an LGBT divorce process. Serving can be done by a sheriff or a third party with a stake in the outcome of the case. If the spouse is out of state, a person married to an LGBT partner can receive a divorce in Pennsylvania. The out-of-state spouse, on the other hand, must be located first.

Seth and his staff are very nice and helpful people. They are helping me through a very difficult time in my life and I'm glad to have them on my side to represent me. I highly recommend this firm.

- Shelby M.

Seth took the extra time to fully explain to me thoroughly in detail the answers to all of the questions i had. He sensed my urgency and immediately went to the courthouse to file.

- Michael B.

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Our experienced lawyers are prepared to assist you as you begin a new life free of the burdens of a contentious court dispute. Furthermore, our legal firm has a lot of experience helping divorcing spouses hash out their differences through mediation, which is a nonviolent, productive procedure. During mediation, we work with the couple to resolve all marital concerns and reach a formal written agreement that can be utilized to file for divorce. 

We understand how a divorce may affect a family. We work with clients to avoid litigation and move forward in a cooperative manner. If you're interested in learning more about the mediation process, visit our website for more information.


If the married couple provides a specific reason for the same-sex marital breakup, they may file for divorce in Pennsylvania. Because Pennsylvania is a no-fault state, there is no need to prove the other party's culpability in court. In general, there are two choices:


  1. The marriage is irreversibly shattered. Before filing a divorce case in Pennsylvania, the spouses must have resided separately for a year.

  2. The parties have agreed to work together. In this instance, a definitive decree may only be acquired after a 90-day waiting period.


In Pennsylvania, one of the spouses may also receive a same-sex divorce based on the other's wrongdoing. A plaintiff – a divorcing spouse — must establish one of the following fault-based reasons (Pennsylvania Statutes, 3301):


  • Desertion for more than a year on purpose

  • Adultery

  • Harsh treatment that put the health and life of the other spouse in danger

  • A sentence of two or more years in jail

  • The defendant made the other partner's life "intolerable and life-burdening"

  • Insanity followed by 18 months in a mental institution prior to taking action


When a married couple decides to divorce, they encounter most of the same legal problems as divorcing couples, such as splitting property, covering daily expenses, and juggling the care of children.


One way to deal with such issues in Pennsylvania is to sign an agreement, also known as a "separation agreement," with your partner. This contract is legally binding to both parties, and it outlines the specific responsibilities and rights of each party.


Drawing up such an agreement must be done by a seasoned family law attorney who can advise a spouse on their legal options and draft this legal agreement on their behalf. is an experienced family law firm in Pennsylvania that can advise anyone considering this option. 


Once the agreement has been drawn up, it can then be presented to the other spouse. They may either agree to all of these terms or make suggestions of their own. The terms of the agreement must be negotiated, so both parties can abide by them.


At, we understand that the process of divorce and separation is an emotional and sensitive one, which is why we approach each case with the respect it requires.

Our team is efficient and professional and is there to make the process as painless and bearable as possible. Contact us today for more information on how to draw up a separation agreement in the state of Pennsylvania.  


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