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How Much Does a Divorce Cost in PA Without a Lawyer?

Couples considering a divorce in PA can do it with or without a lawyer. Nonetheless, they can be held to the same standards as attorneys. One should follow both local and statewide rules. There are two kinds of divorce in PA: no-fault or applicable time of separation 3301(d) and no-fault or mutual consent 3301(c).

There are ways to keep the average costs of divorce down, but it depends on the nature of the case. Each divorce is unique and has a certain set of circumstances at play that needs a particular set of service and expertise to see it through.

Here’s everything a person needs to know on how much a divorce costs in PA without a lawyer.

What does the average divorce cost?

What Does the Average Divorce Cost?

The average cost of divorce in PA is a relative term. Various factors identify whether the cost of divorce will be on the low or high end of the spectrum. Things that factor into the cost of a divorce in PA are the following:

· The place of getting a divorce

· Whether the parties are using a lawyer for the whole divorce process or only part of it

· Whether they have children

· Whether the parties are doing it themselves

· Whether they are doing the divorce online

· Whether they are using collaborative divorce or mediation

· Whether they agree with their spouse about major concerns

· Whether they need to go to trial

How Much Does it Cost to File a Divorce?

When a party gets a divorce, they will need to pay filing fees along with the court. That particular amount varies from county to county. Further, if the spouse is not present, the other party must pay to serve the papers. If both parties cannot agree and the judge orders mediation, it might incur added costs.

Generally, one can expect to pay approximately $300-$400 to file for a divorce.

How Much Does a Divorce Cost in PA Without a Lawyer?

An excellent way to save money on divorce is to do it without a lawyer. In most states, it indicates being pro se. If a person has an uncontested divorce, both parties can make their agreement. Their costs will involve filing fees, serving the papers, and the cost of divorce papers if they get the divorce papers online.

But how much does a contested divorce cost in PA? Since the process usually takes longer, it can be more expensive.

It’s worth mentioning that online firms will charge for the preparation of divorce papers, and other companies can have lawyers check them on behalf of the clients. If one can get a divorce packet from their court or their state’s websites, the papers are often free of charge.

Is There a Risk of Getting a Divorce Without a Lawyer?

Even when both parties agree on the divorce, it is always a good option to consult a PA lawyer. That is not because of any ill-will or hidden plots. As an alternative, having a lawyer can help prevent mistakes that can cost both parties a lot of energy, money, and time.

The more complicated a divorce case gets, the more demanding and difficult the requirements for paperwork. Further, if the divorce is contested, it can be more challenging to get a fair result without any legal support.

Before filing a divorce on their own, everyone must be prepared. It will help if both parties consider how their properties will be divided if either side needs parenting schedules, child support, financial support, and other aspects.

On top of that, even if there’s one point that parties cannot agree on, a judge might order expensive mediation. If that does not work, parties might have to decide themselves.

The idea of getting a divorce in PA without a lawyer is to save money and time. Nonetheless, if one is unsure of the process of making unnecessary mistakes, it might end up costing them more in the end. When in doubt, it’s essential to consult an experienced family lawyer in PA.

Divorce is never easy. Feel free to call our divorce lawyer in York PA without obligation. We can provide you with the facts and other information you need to make smart decisions as you move forward. Get in touch with us at (717) 864-0885 to get started.

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