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How Do I Get a Quick Divorce?

The old saying goes that a good marriage requires hard work to maintain. However, no matter how hard they try, some people simply can’t get the union to work. Instead of wasting time and mental health forcing something that isn’t meant to be, the better option could be to get a divorce.

However, divorce isn’t an easy option either. Depending on the state, the choice to end the relationship can require a lot of time and money. For example, couples in York, Pennsylvania, will likely have to go to court to settle any property disputes. The process can persist even longer if there are children under 18 involved. The reason behind such delay is so the court can determine who gets custody.

None of this may sound appealing, especially for couples seeking a quick divorce. Therefore, before filing papers, they should first explore all available options in order to save time and money.

The Basics of Divorce

The Basics of Divorce

Divorce can be difficult, not just emotionally but economically as well. Different states can charge anywhere between $100-$400 to couples filing for divorce. However, the initial divorce application is just the beginning. Taking into account associated costs like hiring a divorce lawyer in York, court fees, possible custody hearings, unpaid time off, and more, the bill can go up to $20,000 per person.

Of course, this number can vary depending on the circumstances and the couple’s location. For example, in York, Pennsylvania, the average cost of filing for divorce is around $333.73. The cost of hiring a lawyer per person is around $10,034-$11,202 if the spouses in question don’t have any children. However, if children are involved, the cost increases to $15,290 per person.

In addition to costs, couples in the state of Pennsylvania also have to consider other requirements. To file for divorce, one or both parties must prove they’ve lived in the state for at least six months. If one of the parties lived in a different county during the marriage, they then have to file for divorce in that county as well. PA natives have a 30-day limit to serve their spouse with divorce papers, while couples outside of the state get 90 days.

When dividing property, PA courts divide property equally to protect your retirement. This means they don’t take into account who was at fault when determining how assets will be split. Instead, the court will examine how long the marriage lasted, the age, health, and education of each party, as well as whether one spouse misused property.

Alimony is also a sensitive subject in divorces. In PA, marital misconduct influences how courts award alimony. If the court determines that one spouse was at fault for the divorce, the innocent spouse may get higher alimony.

How to Get a Quick Divorce

Beyond the mounting costs, a divorce can take a long time to go through. Couples who want to avoid navigating through all these difficult procedures can explore different options to speed up the process. The best course of action is to file for an uncontested divorce.

In simple terms, a no-fault or uncontested divorce is a legal proceeding where both parties agree on the terms of their separation. Therefore, the court can formally sever the relationship without going through the official litigation process. This type of divorce is the easiest option for couples who are in a rush to separate for private reasons.

It’s quick — at-fault divorces can last for months, sometimes even years. However, if both parties agree to an uncontested separation and submit their affidavits, the court can grant them the divorce in 90 days.

It costs less — since there are fewer legal procedures involved in seeking an uncontested divorce, it predictably costs less than an at-fault separation.

It’s private — at-fault divorces take place in open courts, where they can quickly become unpleasant spectacles for both parties. In contrast, a mediator can resolve amicable separations in the privacy of an office.

It requires three easy steps to initiate — uncontested divorces don’t require mountains of paperwork. All both parties have to do is file their complaints to the Office of the Clerk of Family Court, serve the complaints to the other party, and then the county can begin finalizing the process.

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