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Jefferson, PA: The Pennsylvania Town with Something For Everyone

Located in the southwestern corner of Pennsylvania, Jefferson is a small town with just over 5,000 inhabitants. The town was founded in 1852 and had been growing ever since. Most residents live on farms or work at one of the many mills that dot the area. In addition to being a great place for families, business owners will love what this quaint little city can offer them. There are plenty of resources for starting a new company, and there is no shortage of skilled workers available either! If you're looking for office space or industrial land, then look no further than Jefferson! Information can be found here.

This charming town in rural Pennsylvania has something for everyone. Outdoor enthusiasts will love the many hiking and biking trails, while history buffs can explore the many historical sites. Families will enjoy the recreation park, complete with a playground, swimming pool, and tennis courts, and foodies will appreciate the variety of restaurants. Whether you are looking for a quiet weekend getaway or an exciting day trip, Jefferson is sure to please! See here for information about Collinsville, PA: The City of Opportunities.

Some of the highlights of Jefferson include:

  • The Liberty Bell Museum, which houses one of only two replicas of the original Liberty Bell

  • The historic covered bridge over Penns Creek

  • The Appalachian Trail crossing near the town

  • The Chestnut Grove Covered Bridge Museum

  • The Swift Run Grist Mill

  • The Jefferson Township Park, which includes a playground, swimming pool, and tennis courts

  • The variety of restaurants, including The Depot Diner.


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