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How Do I Divorce My Wife And Keep Everything?

It is a fact that divorce is a costly process. However, the husband can divorce his wife and keep everything by applying the tips below. The following are helpful ways for financial protection during a divorce.

Ways To Protect Finances During Divorce

Ways To Protect Finances During Divorce

The spouse can identify all of his assets and clarify what belongs to him

One of the most effective ways to keep everything during a divorce is by identifying assets. The spouse should know how much money he has, where it is and what belongs to his spouse. These assets may include investments, bank accounts, mortgages, and other assets.

Securing liquid assets

For sure, no one wants to divorce a spouse without any cash after the divorce process. It’s already hard to afford the divorce in the first place because it is a costly process. The spouse can try a proactive approach. For example, if they have a joint account, he can set up an account with his name and move a specific asset amount.

Never wipe out the account, but it is essential to have enough money before the attorneys get involved. Getting some liquid assets is a good idea to secure cash.

Get copies of the financial statements

It is also helpful to get everything in writing. The court may care about proof of assets, so a spouse should compile documentation as soon as possible. The spouse should be careful in relying on electronic copies. He can seek help from an expert financial planner.

If the spouse doesn’t want to get locked out of information, if a vindictive spouse changes the passwords on their joint accounts, it is essential to print everything out. It may include tax forms, brokerage firm statements, bank account statements, and other financial documents signed in the last few years.

Establish a team

Another way to protect financial assets during a divorce is to build a team. Aside from hiring no contest divorce lawyers in York, it is also crucial to choose a trustworthy financial advisor, especially if the spouse is the one who handles the money.

With a reliable financial advisor, the spouse can understand his financial matters while in the divorce process. An experienced family lawyer can also speak on his behalf and ensure that the spouse is protected correctly.

The spouse should decide what he needs and want

Usually, in the divorce process, attorneys make an agreement for settlement for their clients. Meanwhile, if the spouse is unaware of what he needs long-term, he can’t agree to a settlement he can’t deal with.

With this, a spouse should first decide what he needs and wants. He should look at his finances. He can consider the following questions:

How much do I need to support my kids?

How much do I need to keep my standard of living?

Know the laws of the state

Divorce laws are different from state to state, including fault and no-fault states. Therefore, it is crucial to know the state's laws when it comes to divorce. So, the spouse can save his money despite the divorce process.

Disclose offsetting debts

It is essential to disclose debts, especially those secured by marital assets. For example, if a spouse has a retirement account but borrowed a specific amount and paid marital bills, the court may consider it a net value of the account or a marital asset. It is essential to disclose debts to avoid more marital assets to keep a spouse out of cash.

Be ready to negotiate

If the spouse wants to keep his specific asset, he should negotiate with his spouse. An example of it is a retirement account. There are some instances that one spouse may exchange their equity in a marital home for a bigger share of the retirement account.

Before a spouse agrees to an arrangement, he should talk first to a professional family lawyer to ensure that they are taking tax consequences into account. The court sees marital assets as belonging to both spouses. So, they fairly divide the property.

If a spouse feels that his wife doesn’t contribute to the asset acquisition, he can seek help from an expert attorney to get the best results.


Generally, a spouse can divorce his wife and still keep everything. By following the tips mentioned above and knowing what not to do during a divorce, one can divorce his wife and stay financially stable during or after the divorce process.

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